Detective Pikachu peering through a magnifying glass.

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Detective Pikachu and his human and Pokémon allies rally for their next case.

The great detective has arrived on Nintendo Switch systems!

Detective Pikachu Returns character image of Detective Pikachu.
Detective Pikachu peering through a magnifying glass.

Back on the Case

This new adventure follows Tim Goodman and his partner, a wise-cracking Pikachu with the ability to communicate with Tim, as they attempt to solve the ongoing mystery behind the disappearance of Tim’s father.

Gameplay image of the people and Pokémon of Ryme City near a Slowpoke fountain.

Return to Ryme City

The mystery unfolds in Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokémon coexist and support each other. Partner Pokémon and wild Pokémon alike wander the city alongside the people who live there.

The Great
Detective Duo

Gameplay image of Detective Pikachu and his pal Tim Goodman enjoying a hearty meal of macaroni and cheese.

When there's a case to be solved, Tim Goodman and Pikachu are the perfect team for the job. Tim is a university student who is still searching for the truth about his missing father, Harry. Joining Tim on his search is Harry's former partner—the self-proclaimed great Detective Pikachu. With his ability to talk to both Tim and Pokémon, Pikachu is able to gather clues from his fellow Pokémon to assist in the investigation.

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The Pokémon of Ryme City

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Ryme City is filled with Pokémon that you’ll meet as you investigate. Some will provide help such as important clues or information, and you’ll get to experience what it’s like to be in a city where humans and Pokémon live together.


Partner with Pokémon

Gathering statements is a staple of investigations. With Pikachu’s help, you will be able to gather information not only from humans but from Pokémon as well. Some of these Pokémon may even use their special skills to assist your investigations.

Searching for clues together with Pokémon can help you crack cases wide open. Growlithe is able to track scents using her sharp sense of smell, and she’ll let Pikachu ride around Ryme City on her back to track down evidence.​

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