Detective Pikachu with hat and spyglass standing in Ryme city

Crack the Mystery with Pikachu!Pikachu!Pikachu!Pikachu!

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A New Side of Pikachu

You’ve never seen a Pikachu like this one before. Fancying himself a real detective, this Pikachu is gruff and never far from a hot cup of coffee. He’s also a big talker who considers himself to be among the best of the best!

This bossy Pikachu has the attitude of a stern, middle-aged man, which he’ll make abundantly clear to you throughout the game. Look forward to hearing his catchphrase “A bolt of brilliance!” as often as possible.

It’s not just his ability to speak or his attitude that sets this Pikachu apart from other Pikachu you’ve seen. He loves to laugh and to solve mysteries, and he’ll show you just how exasperated he can get if you blunder through your next case.

Not to mention that detective hat—a bit of a giveaway that he’s eager to look the part, too!

The hero Pikachu with an iconic detective look
Pikachu loves his coffee black
Pikachu reacts to an order
Pikachu makes a face
Pikachu has a bolt of brilliance

Livin’ in the City

Pokémon Frillish, Machamp, Aipom and Yanma appear

Ryme City: This thriving metropolis is the ideal place for people and Pokémon to live in harmony. But strange things must be simmering under the surface to justify the immense investigative power that you and Pikachu bring to the scene. What could be going on in the shadows of such a beautiful place?

Story hero Tim Goodman explores the big city

Pikachu and You

Pikachu isn’t alone in his missions in Ryme City. He’ll be traveling with a young fellow by the name of Tim Goodman...and that’s you. You’ve just hit town to look for your missing father, Detective Harry Goodman, and it doesn’t take long for you to get caught up in the whirlwind of the big city. Like your old man, you’re sharp as a tack. And by the way, you’re the only one who can understand the speech of the Pikachu at your side.

Tim Goodman writing detective notes
Pikachu talks with Manectric
Pikachu rides in a boat with Amanda Blackstone
Tim Goodman thinks
Pikachu climbs on Tim’s back

Hit the Bricks

Tim and Pikachu review notes

The mysteries of Ryme City aren’t gonna solve themselves. It’s up to you and your brilliant companion to crack each case. With you analyzing evidence and Pikachu getting the word on the street from other Pokémon, your teamwork can get to the bottom of everything going on in the big city. Discover the clues, hear from all the witnesses, and solve the cases!

Investigating in Ryme City
Gather testimony and evidence
Pikachu reacts to an event
Defeat the Glalie

Disturbing the Peace

Ryme City is a place where people and Pokémon live together in harmony, but recently reports have come in about friendly Pokémon suddenly becoming violent and attacking people. Our sleuths soon discover that Harry was pursuing the case of the rampaging Pokémon. Why are the Pokémon becoming enraged? And will we ever find out what happened to Harry? More will be revealed in due time...

Detective Pikachu is exasperated
Normally calm Glalie attacks
Two Krokorok become enraged
Pikachu and Tim go over the clues
Trevenant lurks behind Tim and Emilia

What to Make of Mewtwo?

Mewtwo looking forward

Of all the Pokémon popping up in Ryme City and beyond, Mewtwo stands out like a sore thumb. It has tremendous psychic power and can communicate with people telepathically, but it does appear to avoid interaction as much as it can.

Mewtwo leaps into action
Mewtwo displays tremendous psychic power

Welcome to the Neighborhood

It seems like everyone you cross paths with in Ryme City has a story to tell. And to get to the bottom of your investigation, you’ll need to hear them all out. Let’s meet some of the people you’ll spend time with as your investigations progress.

Take It Easy

Want to experience the story of Detective Pikachu without worrying about getting stuck or stumped? Turn on easy mode and let Pikachu show you the way. He’ll gruffly tell you what to do and where to go next, so you can follow the story without missing a beat.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Detective Pikachu easy mode
Tim Goodman in the city

Available Now!

Nintendo box art for Detective Pikachu 3DS game

Platform: Nintendo 3DS systems

Genre: Action/Adventure

Developer: Creatures Inc.

Number of Players: 1

Cast of characters Mike Baker, Emilia Christie, Tim, and Pikachu

Where to Buy

Find a Retailer

Find the game at any of these local retailers.

Digital Download

Download the game from Nintendo eShop.

Detective Pikachu Nintendo 3DS Theme Offer

3DS hardware with theme

Players who are among the first to purchase Detective Pikachu at select retailers can receive an awesome theme for their system in the Nintendo 3DS family. If you purchase Detective Pikachu between March 8 and April 22 in-store at GameStop or Best Buy, online at Amazon, or via Nintendo eShop, you’ll get a code on your receipt to download the cool Detective Pikachu theme. Redeem the code via the Theme Shop on your Nintendo 3DS system. Be sure to enter the code by December 31, 2020.

Start before the Beginning!

Want to learn more about Detective Pikachu and the twists of fate that led him to the tale told in the Detective Pikachu video game? Download “Detective Pikachu: Episode Zero—Eevee’s Case,” a colorful short story written by the great Detective Pikachu himself that describes the events just prior to the start of the game. In this fun featurette, Eevee asks Pikachu to find the culprit who messed up the yard at his home. Pikachu must chat with many other Pokémon as he explores Ryme City to solve the mystery!

“Detective Pikachu: Episode Zero—Eevee’s Case” is available on Amazon’s Kindle Store and on Apple’s iBooks Store now. Download the story and start the tale of Detective Pikachu!

3DS hardware with theme

Play a Demo Version of Detective Pikachu

3DS hardware with theme

Get a taste of Detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman’s incredible adventure through Ryme City with the Detective Pikachu Special Demo Version, available now on Nintendo eShop. This demo version allows players to experience the first half of Chapter 1 of the game, and any progress made during the demo will carry over to the full version of Detective Pikachu—where you can continue unraveling the mystery of Tim’s missing father!

Nintendo 3DS box art

Make It a Double Tall

Check out the extra-large Detective Pikachu amiibo releasing along with the Detective Pikachu video game! Only a limited number of them will be available, so make sure to get one while you can! In Detective Pikachu, if you have a Detective Pikachu amiibo, you’ll be able to view all of the Pika Prompts—videos of Pikachu saying and doing various things—you’ve seen or might have missed during the story. In Pika Prompts, Pikachu won’t only give helpful hints, he’ll also say some cool things...or just goof around.

Height comparison of Detective Pikachu amiibo
Detective Pikachu Nintendo amiibo product
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